Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

5.5.1628 (Monday 5 May 1628)

document 22802901

5.5.1628 reckoned with Thos Rampton forty days owing him for days work twenty of them at 6d and twenty at 8d 23s4d a calf 12s toward charges and rates 21s mowing hay and corn in harvest 48s6d1h threshing barley rye and wheat this winter past 28s2d1h sum 6li13s so there is due to me of this year ended the 10.5.1628 21li7s which he promiseth me to pay 11li at whitsuntide and the rest 10li7s fortnight after midsummer and for this next year he is to pay for the eighteen cows and the house and the crop 58li and to keep the fences at his own charge and to pay all rates but wheat and oats to the king and I to put on no more cattle and he to have the use of the rest of the ground to put on what cattle he thinketh the ground there will keep over and above