Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

24.3.1612 (Tuesday 24 March 1612)

document 22900309

2s3d tuesday 24.3.1612 old Wade told me he saw Griggs of Tayne one Wright and one Ford come with great long# twice or thrice last year out of (155) (156) Chalkney Wood they could have them nowhere else Hen Wade his son saw them likewise Jn Bounds his mother went to Wright and saw Ford when they were a chopping of these poles in Chalkney Wood and they said they gathered them for mrs Barnard mr Crechrode# got lowe# for them of me 25.3.1612 Greg Harrison of Tayne did see Griggs have five bundles at 3d of splints and three bundles of long ashen poles and mr Garrard paid for them 3d 4d a bundle you had need said Griggs give me 4d 5d a bundle for I have brought them a great way I had them at Chalkney Wood and he paid him for them and had him gather more this Harrison heard them speak he saw Garrard his son drive the cart laden with splints and poles to the back of the cart