Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

18.2.1612 (Tuesday 18 February 1612)

document 22902109

Earls Colne18.2.1612 given Jn Pierson a warrant to fell two oaken bollings to be employed for the repairing of his tenement in White Colne and liberty and licence to him hereafter to fell cut down and take the fuel or firewood that shall grow or arise of any lops or tops of any bollings or bollingers upon his customary lands to burn or spend at his now dwelling house in White Colne or else whereat his pleasure and this presents shall be his sufficient warrant in that behalf provided always that if the said Jn Pierson his heirs or assigns shall not bring in this present warrant and procure the same to be enrolled at the next court the said warrant to be utterly void 8.2.1612