Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

13.4.1622 (Saturday 13 April 1622)

document 23000248

he paying for mending it and harrowing the ground a covenant that every year he must carry me ten good loads of muck out of my yards at any time where I shall appoint13.4.1622 memo had communication with Miller of Palmers to let him Sandhills and the forecrop of (131) Siggs Meadow (215) (215a) (221a) (221) (219) the two pieces of Tilekill and (131) Sigges Meadow he procuring a way to feed the april# sheep being spared at candlemas and three loads of wood yearly out of Chalkney Wood or some other wood yearly he paying for the making of it and fetching of it and paying for I to repair the house at Tilekell and set another end to it he should have it for ten years tithe free paying 20s at the sealing and 41li per annum at midsummer and christide with reentry and his bond of 100li for payment of rent memo he must hew the hither fen presently spared and pay for that till michaelmas upon twelfth day 6li 8li and so he must leave it