Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

.5.1622 (May 1622)

document 23000321

.5.1622 memo spent in Earls Colne about mrs Partridge's suit to defend my father's reputation and her children's right by her first husband Cuckoke which land it being forfeited my father gave them in remainder after her decease which there is great reason when the children come to the land they should repay imprimis the copy of her lieing bill and attorneys fee 18s given mr Low of Grays Inn for drawing the answer and his hand to it being very long 30s engrossing the same 7s for replying the answer and breviating the bill 15s to master recorder for a motion at the end of the term for a dismission 3li the copy of the order it being referred to sir Jn Michell and entering it being very long 10s to mr Sidnior to go with me to sir Jn Michell twice or thrice to attend him and inform him 30s to sir Jn Michell who took great pains to read over the bill and answer being very long and reporting to have it dismissed 3li to his man for copying the report 5s to a clerk of the chancery to another copy thereof 5s for drawing up the discussion and my lord keeper his hand to it and the enrolling thereof 3li10s in trinity term .6.1622 following she serving me with more process putting in a new bill item the copy of her new bill and the attorneys fee 23s4d item to mr Sidnior to draw my answer being a very long bill and new matter 20s