Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

17.4.1623 (Thursday 17 April 1623)

document 23000665

at the commission for witnesses 5li6s17.4.1623 paid for another man of Lamarsh that was deposed there at the commission at Colchester 2s paid for Ed Payne his charges going and coming home again without his supper 18d for Francis Nuton and Edw Nuton's charges thither 2s paid for Wm Adams his charges 12d paid Robt Partridge for his charges 12d paid Israel Ennowes for his charges 12d paid thursday at dinner being the seventeenth day 16s paid for my part of the commissioners dinners there 20s paid for my part of the commissioners supper 12s paid for my witnesses and their suppers 6s paid for the commissioners breakfast next day 6s paid for their horse meat and mine 12s paid for writing and engrossing ha ving ten witnesses and given 20s