Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

1.2.1659 (Tuesday 1 February 1659)

document 23300355

(written on the parchment cover of the book) upon the 1.2.1659 we being in some fear of losing mr Joseline our pastor to Hinningham and want of means being one cause amongst others I carried up to him and his wife 50li which they were very unwilling to take and I gave them it thus as an increase of their maintenance till michaelmas.1661 two years and a half and a little better which is 20li a year besides which I allowed him before which was 15li a year in money and ten loads of wood laid in yearly out of Chalkney Wood all which is worth from myself alone 42li per annum besides the sum of her profits and I promised him this if I did not by michaelmas.1661 purchase in for him 20li a year by that time I would pay him 20li a year quarterly out of mine own estate by 5li a quarter from that time if I lived and god made me able if he died or I before that time I looked for none of my 50li again but I gave it to him and his wife and so leave it to gods providence what will be the issue time will show my own tenants of my farms and mills pay him 40s a year which I promise to see made good if they fail by me Ri Harlakenden 1.2.1659