Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

25.3.1632 (Sunday 25 March 1632)

document 23300561

25.1.1632 memo this at this day I do accept of 36li of rent for my mill which goodman Starling hold although his rent be 40li this year yet I accept of 36li in lieu of the 40li and further I promise him that if he doeth his true endeavour and gives me in a faithful account at michaelmas next what she hath weekly earned that half year whatsoever she faileth of 30li towards his rent housekeeping and all charges that I will allow him for the same out of my 18li rent and he doth further covenant with me and I with him that he shall hold her another year which is in 1633 upon the same terms and he is to be true unto me of what she earneth and what she faileth of 60li that year towards his house keeping rent and all charges I will abate it him out of my 36li yearly and so he is to go forward with his building of her well and substantially according as it is agreed between as in a former lease and if he leaveth her at the year and half end why then I am to allow him some reasonable considerations as honest men shall think fit for the cost he hath been at in her for all his workmen that he shall employ in that work of repairing or building except his own labour in her building for which he promiseth I shall give him nothing and if in the meanwhile he shall or I shall dislike why then at the year and half's end I may let her to any other or he may leave her into my hands if I will not let him a bargain so as he may well live on her both of us giving to each other one quarters warning before the year and half is expired in witness of which we have set to our hands this present day being the 25.3.1632 Edw Clarke Rich Harlakenden mark Wm Starling taken my mill into my hands 1.6.