Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

6.7.1638 (Friday 6 July 1638)

document 23300896

cost me 48li6.7.1638 I purchased of my cousin Wm Harlakenden of Wakes Colne Handsers Hedge containing 12a or 14a and I paid him for it 48li and I am to let it to my servant Ed Clarke from michaelmas 1638 for twenty one years for 3li10s per annum and he is to pay the lords rent beside I the respite of homage to the king I got my cousin WH to leave many fine young staddles which he is to preserve and not cut down and the last year of the twenty one years in the lease he is to fence it and not to suffer any cattle to feed it that year but preserve the spring and sealed this