Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

20.8.1638 (Monday 20 August 1638)

document 23300929

cost me 100li20.8.1638 I purchased of Thos Smith the tanner the elder the field and meadow that leads to (131) my meadow 6a of Rush Field more or less and 2a2r of meadow be it more or less and for this I paid 100li down as appears by goodman Smith's acquittance and gave him a bond for 10li more within a month after his decease if it be lawfully demanded goodman Smith is to hold it during his life paying no rent for it but immediately after his death its mine goodman Smith is to pay lords rent as long as he lives being 13s4d its well worth 9li per annum or 10li the surrender to be presented the next court