Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

michaelmas.1638 (Saturday 29 September 1638)

document 23300961

michaelmas.1638 memo that I had promised to goodman Christmas a new lease of Chalkney Mill in 1632 for eleven or twelve years because he laid out some 30li cost to build it and as yet he hath had none sealed but his michaelmas.1638 we came to this agreement there being six years gone of the twelve years we are agreed to this that michaelmas last 1638 from that time his lease should last for seven years he keeping it in repair and so I purpose to make him a lease from that time and 7li I gave him to set up a new barn the next spring and if he doth not he must redeem it Wm Brand was a witness to this bargain between us