Earls Colne Manor: Fine Book (ERO D/DPr100)

1639 (1639)

document 24003808

sir Jn Jacob knight 1639 he was admitted to Pakes Gate late Rich Parker's and mrs Wiseman his wife for life only sir Jn is admitted to three parts of the same which he bought of Parker's heirs to him and his heirs and then to the whole four parts during her life but if mrs Wiseman die then Machin's children must be admitted to the fourth part which is worth 5li per annum and for that I must have a fine laid upon them for admittance and then sir Jn Jacob must be admitted to their fourth part again if he buys it the land is 10a of river meadow worth 19li or 20li per annum and he paid for his fine and promised me half a buck at any time 29li