Earls Colne Manor: Fine Book (ERO D/DPr100A)

1729 (1729)

document 24402175

Dor Sibley Judith Everett Ruth Elliston Eliz Elliston and Mary Humphry 1729 admitted as tenants in common in fee tail on the death of mrs Elliston to 6a of wood ground parcel of Coggesgrove and also to a messuage and 26a of land and 1r of meadow called Curds and to three crofts called Barmansfields Rounsell and Pellsland containing 15a and also to lands called Heathfield Stonyland and Brookhouse Meadow containing 20a being late parcel of the Hayhouse and paid fine in both courts 60li a recovery suffered of four parts in five of the said premises Mary Humphrey being an infant