Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr13)

29.9.1375 (Saturday 29 September 1375)

document 44800723

external expenses in one horse hired for Jn Wodeward going as far as Wykham upon business of Jn Chartes 4d in the expenses of Jn Passemer and Jn Wodeward going as far as Wykham 8d in the expenses of Jn Passemer going to London for two days to speak to Jn Chartes 4s in the shoeing of the horse of Jn Charts twice 4d1h payment for amercement at the court of Clare for default of suit of court 6d similarly payment there for a fine for suit of court to be respited to the feast of michaelmas 2s in the expenses of Jn Chartes being there to take the accounts for the preceding year for one time 18d1h in mending the chancel of Wykham 12d for one horse hired for brother Martin going for ordination with shoes for the said horse 18d in the expenses of brother Robt Nassyngdon being at Levngdon for the elect ion of the prior of Colne and returning 19s and in the expenses of the elected one going to London for his confirmation there having all things accounted in money at 33s10d and in one man with two horses for brother Robt Fyrmyngham Nassyngdon and for the same said Robt coming back at the time of the election 3s10d item payment for the installation of the prior into the archdeaconry of Colchester 26s8d item payment for the registry of the lord bishop for making the election 20s item payment to Jn Charnel marshall of the lord bishop of London for his fee 3s4d item payment for the chamber boy of the lord bishop 20d item payment to Robt de Sekynton for negotiations between the prior of Lewes and the prior of Colne for the portion owed in the parish of White Colne 6s8d
(in english) memo a portion paid by the prior of White Colne to the prior of Lewes in the expenses of Jn Passemer going to Ashmelne for default there on account of 6d item in payment made to the bailiff of Clare 4d in the expenses of Jn Plesty going to the ordination 6s10d in one horse hired for the said Jn for four days 16d in the shoes for the horse of the said Jn 4d in grass bought for the horse of Jn Passemer in the summer 20d 12d in the hiring of three men for fifteen days and a half and of one man for half a day for cleaning one pond in the garden 7s10d for each of them per day 2d as measured in the expenses of the same for the same time for each of them per day 2d illegible text altogether 22d 6s in one ditch cleaned adjoining the garden with one man for four and a half days 18d per head per day 4d in one ditch dug out illegible textChaltenhey 12d
Chalkney in the expenses of the abbot of Colchester for the thursday after the feast of the translation of st mar=== for a visitation 8s10d1h a payment to the official of the archbishop of Colchester for procurations and rents it being in arrears for the last year before which Thos Maldone was elected prior as shown in detail which the said official delivered to Jn Chartedy at London 16s8d in one window illegible text mended in the chancel of the parish church of Colne 2s in seven and a half dozen hides for parchment bought for making one new register 17s9d price per dozen 2s6d in vermilion bought for the same said register 4d in pens bought for the same 6d in one piece of cured hide bought for the same 4d in enamel bought for the same 8d1h in 4lb of candles bought for the writing of the register 10d in the repairing of hedges next adjoining the town with the carting away and cutting of branches 21d in the expenses of Jn Passemer going as far as Lavenham once for monies sought for oats sold to the lord earl 10d item a payment to the bailiff of the lord earl for amercement in the leet 6d payment to the prior of Lewes for a certain portion in arrears for nine and a half years for each year 12d 9s6d by Chartes