Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr13)

29.9.1375 (Saturday 29 September 1375)

document 44800803

purchase of liveries in two robes bought for Passemer and Jeff the clerk and four tunics for Wm Kynge Adam Crudde Hen Heyne and Jn Wodeward for their liveries for the first year of the lord bishop before nothing allowed 37s8d in one robe bought of livery for an esquire bought for Thos Gauge this year 11s1d in fifteen els of striped cloth and ten els one quarter of dyed cloth bought for a robe for Jn Passemer a coat for Jeff Clerc a coat for Adam Crudde a coat for Jn Wodeward a coat for Hen Heyne a coat for Jn Rouncy a coat for Jn Kyng a coat for Wm Kyng a coat for Jn Langsweyn and a coat for Hen de Cogena this year 16s8d a payment to Adam Crudde for part of his clothing which he did not take except for one tunic as the lord's livery 5s in fur lining bought for a robe of Thos Gauge 2s and in one fur lining bought for a robe of Jn Passemer 20d