Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr13)

29.9.1375 (Saturday 29 September 1375)

document 44800849

allowances in an allowance made to Jn Passemer for his praiseworthy service with 4d as owed to Rich Fynnyngham as shown at the foot of the view 3s4d item an allowance to the same said Jn for the farm of lands of master Hen Muweward for the preceding year because less charges were made as proved by a measure 4d1h item an allowance of 7s as owed to brother Robt de Nassyngdon for his work for making and writing divers memoranda item an allowance of 22d as owed to Jn Turnour for measures of barley sold to him in the preceding year by a faulty measure