Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr13)

29.9.1375 (Saturday 29 September 1375)

document 44801023

the expenses of the year there for Jn Sueyl farming there from the feast of easter 49Edw3 until the feast of michaelmas then next following altogether payment for roofing with tiles and straw the grange and the dwelling house illegible text altogether 7s6d item in one thousand tiles and one illegible text of hollow tiles bought for 6s9d in two quarts of lime bought for the same 3s illegible text 8d in the carriage of the said lime 4d in a hundred lathes bought illegible text 12d item in lath nails and iron spikes bought 6d item in a thousand tile pins bought in two trees which were cut down and trimmed for the wattling and placed in the hallway there with carriage 3s in mending the granary with popellar boards 3s item in one beam made for the solarium 2s item in mending part of the walls of the grange with posts with the carpenters altogether 6s8d item in daubing the said walls altogether 2s item in two cartloads of straw bought for the said grange for mending on the roof 2s6d in carting the said straw 18d item in carpenters for mending the said grange because the illegible text was made with popellar illegible text altogether 12d item in illegible text roofers with their boy for mending the said grange 2s item in mending the walls of the said cattle shed with carpenters 10d item in daubing the said walls altogether 8d item in roofing the said cattle shed in part it was with two cartloads of straw bought for the same and with the illegible text of the said straw 4s11d item in an iron bolt bought for the same 3d item in one illegible text made and one wooden illegible text 3d item in the payment of a tax of 15s to the lord king after illegible text delivered to the church of the said Messyngg at the feast of easter for illegible text 12d