Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr15)

30.3.1426 (Saturday 30 March 1426)

document 45001475

upkeep and expenses made in the office of sacristan there and for one quart of fessiol# made and carried out of Chalkeney as far as the said priory against the feast of easter next following 8d and 13s4d as the price of two quarts of wheat given by pledge and alms against the said feast of easter nothing here because it came from the grange of the lord and a payment to a certain baker for bread baked thereof 6d and for two hundred red herrings 3s4d and two hundred white herrings 3s4d and for a thousand eggs bought against the said feast 5s and for dates for the poor illegible text granted of this house 2s4d and for a linen cloth bought for mending the vestments of the church there upon the inspection of the lord prior 5s and for certain linen thread 14d and for 86lb of wax bought on divers occasions whereof 43lb and a half thereof was bought for 5d and 24lb at a price per lb of 5d1h and 20lb at a price per lb of 6d 40s9d1h and for the expenses of Wm Melon about buying the said wax at Colchester 4d and a payment to Jn Tredegold for fashioning of the said wax on divers occasions 3s6d and for six gallons of oil for the lamps there bought on divers occasions this year 8s4d and for 5lb of wax bought at easter last 2s3d and for the fashioning of the same said 16d and a payment to Rich Skynnere for four dozen 1lb candles price per lb 1d1h altogether 7s8d and a payment for ten gallons and one quart of red wine bought on divers occasions for the said office 6s10d price per gallon 8d dates# to the son of Jn Grene tenant at the time of the aforesaid easter for the consecration of the same 1d and for illegible text bought for the same 1d and in the services given by the candle maker around the fashioning of the same 1d and for wyre bought for the clock there 4d and for four botuderyll# bought for the belfry there on divers occasions 10d and for two girdles bought for the church vestments there 2d and for rushes cut for strewing in the said church in summer time in this year at divers occasions 6d and for two lamps bought this year 2d and for a certain washerwoman washing there the towel of the said sacristan 1d and ringing the bells there within all saints for the beginning of the service and the end altogether 9d