Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr18 and D/DPr59)

31.3.1442 (Saturday 31 March 1442)

document 45300413

rents of duties of customary tenants of which he chargeth himself of 5d received of Robt Sigge the younger now Jeff Tyler for a tenement sometime Robt Sigge father of the foresaid Robt and of 4d received of Joan the daughter of the said Robt Sigge for Mellerescroft and of 16d received of Jn Walleys for the tenement late Robt Stephens and of 9d received of Rich Alderford for Gosbolles and Barkers and 6d received of Simon Barker for the tenement late Jn Maldon's as for one cottage with a curtilage late Jn Charles and of 4d received of Jn Brokeman for one croft of land sometime Ellen Chapell and of 8d received of the tenants of the land and tenement late Mawte Stevens for Mellereslond and the moiety of Hawlotteslond and Whetecroft this year