Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr18 and D/DPr59)

31.3.1442 (Saturday 31 March 1442)

document 45300816

the keep of divers manors and houses as well within as without in expenses about one stable at Bentley repaired 3s item paid in expenses at Edwardston about the barn and stable parcel whereof appears in a paper book remaining within the said prior 10s as in carpenter work and tiling item paid for the daubing and pinning of the same 9s in lime for the same 16d in splints gathered for the same 15d together with carrying the same item paid for lath nail bought for the same 3d item in expenses for a new door to be made for the foresaid barn 8s10d item paid to Thos Skinner for covering the tilekell three days for him and his man 18d 6d a day between them item paid to the same for tiling about the chapel of the lord earl of Oxford near the hall one day 4d item paid the same covering on the house and gate near the shepene three days 12d by day 4d item to the same Thos for covering upon the barn the shepene the church and the prior's chamber there for four days 16d taking by day 4d as above item paid to the same concerning their half a day 2d item paid to the same Thos for mending     2s6d item paid to Jn Hawke carpenter working there about the reparation of the great barn there twelve days 4s taking by day 4d item paid to Wm Tilbick carpenter there working about the reparation of the same the same time 4s item paid to Wm Wygem for daubing the same 14d item paid to Rich Asheford for making lathe and eves board at task without meat and drink taking in gross 3s item paid to Jn Springe and his fellow for sawing a hundred boards at 12d the hundred without meat and drink 13s item paid to two carpenters for shrudding the wood by three days 12d taking by day 4d item paid to Wm Tilvicke and Jn Hawke working in the earl of Oxford's park of Colne about three trees there given by the same earl for one beam and other necessaries at the said Priory to be made by four days 2s8d either of them taking 4d by day item paid for gloves bought for the fellow brethren of the said prior to make hay 9d item paid to Jn Hawke for felling about the lord's house there taking by three days 12d by day 4d item paid for making one timber stile at Seedecop 6d item paid for one Berwell for four days by one week for timber to be amended for the gate at Seedecop and The Tylekene to be made anew 2s item paid for one trowe for work in the bakehouse 12d for a carpenter working about the same three days taking 4d by day item in small nail bought 4d item in pack thread for sacks bought 2d item paid for making one gate at Seedecop and another gate at Tilkelne in gross 3s item paid for two chairs bought 20d item paid for building a furnace in the kitchen 6d item paid to two men hired to scour the ditch at Belchampe without meat and drink 20d item paid at another time to three men hired by six days labouring there 3s taking every one of them at their own meat and drink by a bargain with them made 2d by day and for their sustentation by the same time bought of Jeff Laryot 12d