Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr60)

michaelmas.35Hen8 (Saturday 29 September 1543)

document 45400359

farms of lands and 20li recently as the farm of demesne lands there lately pertaining to the said Priory of Colne thus charged in the assets made by the lord king this year not returned because it is in the lord's hands to the use of his household namely a return of 9li19s8d as the farm of the demesne lands of Barwick Hall with a tithe in the aforesaid White Colne thus let to Jn Syday senior at a farm paid at the terms most usual there equally per annum and of 4li10s as the farm of divers lands called Yngilstorp in the aforesaid White Colne in the let of Wm Carter at 4li10s per annum clear above the 12s4d rent resolute paid to the bailiff of Colne at the terms there most usual in equal parts per annum as shown in the said rental and 66s8d as the farm of divers lands called     in Aythorp Rodynge in the tenure of     not returned this year because the said land with its appurtenances remained in the hand of the lord king and of 8li as the farm of the manor of Crepyng Hall in Sutton in the tenure of     because the said manor was escheated into the hands of the lord king as above sum 14li9s8d