Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr60)

michaelmas.35Hen8 (Saturday 29 September 1543)

document 45400513

rents of assize with rents of movables namely a return of the account of 20li13s11d1f as the rents of assize of the freehold tenants of the lord at will paid at the terms of easter and michaelmas equally as shown in a certain rental made by the said Arth Howsden with 6s8d as the common fine paid at the term per annum and of 8d as the price of one capon as the rent of movables of Jn Barton of one flower a rose as the rent of Arth Howsden of one jelofer and of one capon 4d as the rent of Robt Simond paid at the term of michaelmas held as shown in the said rental sum 20li14s7d1f