Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr60)

michaelmas.35Hen8 (Saturday 29 September 1543)

document 45400608

rents of assize namely a return of an account of 75s11d as the rents of assize of the lord's free tenants in Campus 4s Steeple Bumsted 5d ad terrem Tylburye next to Clare 8d Pedmarche 17d Foxherd 20d Fynchefelde 15s9d Hempsted 22d Toppefelde 3s10d Bulmer 9d Great Maplested 5s Halsted 12s Sible Hedingham 19s9d Gestyngthorpe 6d Castel Hedingham 9s8d Gosfelde 2d paid at the feast of the annunciation and michaelmas equally as shown by a certain rental made and collected by the said Wm Hunte shown and examined upon this account thus by the oath of the said Wm Hunte sum 75s11d