Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr61)

michaelmas.36Hen8 (Monday 29 September 1544)

document 45500309

livery monies to the receiver and in livery monies to Robt Rochester esq the lord's receiver there as of the issues of his office for this year at divers times viz the first time 12.4.36Hen8 10li and the second time 18.5.36Hen8 10li and also the third time 13.7.36Hen8 4li and the fourth time 20.12.36Hen8 100s and the fifth time 10.11.36Hen8 20li14s4d as shown by divers bills signed by the hand of the said receiver and among memoranda of the accounts for this year remaining altogether 49li13s4d sum 49li13s4d