Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr61)

michaelmas.36Hen8 (Monday 29 September 1544)

document 45500319

sums allowed and liveries 56li6s9d and owed 22li9s2d to which are added of 13s4d for his half farm of Chalkney Crofts in the tenure of Rich Enowes at 13s4d per annum namely for the half annual payment at michaelmas.35Hen8 etc and of 8s as the farm of a pasture called Oxelese at 8s per annum in the tenure of Barth Church namely for the whole year at the abovesaid feast and thus owed altogether the sum of 23li10s6d from which is allowed 2s1d1h for the rent of demesne lands in Gaynes Colne parcel of the manor there because it is now in the hands of the lord king by reason of the lord's attainder of Wm Hayarde so that the said rents are now discharged and 8d as the depreciation of one dwelling house in the tenure of Jn Bond in Colne and of 3s for the common fine in Balingdon because it was levied twice as in the preceding year and 2s as the apportionment of one charge from extrahura (either impounded animals or goods escheated for intestacy) there occurring this year delivered to the hands of Thos Thorne the lord's bailiff there to the use of the said Earl's household and owed 23li2s8d from which is respited 2s4d as lord's rent in Westmersey parcel of the possessions lately owned by the college of Higham Ferres surrendered into the hands of the lord king and on account of this the said rent is now discharged and here respited until and to the same 2s6d as part of 5s of the easement of Jn Potter imposed upon him in the court rolls for the last year gone allowed by the agreement of the opponent and the steward on account of the lord's judgement and owed 22li17s10d1h from which is allocated to it 18d in a decrease in the rent of assize in Edwardston as in the preceding year and to the same 2s for the fifteenths of the lord king this year as in the preceding year and owed 22li14s4d1h and from which
respites to it 59s6d for the land and tenements in Gesthorpe pertaining to mr Wentforde at 17s per annum this amount in respite both for this year and for the year and a half last preceding until he should have better notice thereof sum respited 59s6d and owed 19li14s10d1h