Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr64)

michaelmas.2Edw6 (Saturday 29 September 1548)

document 45800316

rent resolutes the same said accountant in annual rents repayments to divers persons written below viz to the bailiff of Earls Colne per annum 39s10d and the lord king's bailiff of Clare for matters of the court of Barwyke Hall 2s this year as in the preceding 41s10d and in payment of monies to the bailiff of Earls Colne for suits of court this year released as allowed in the preceding 6d and in rent repayment to Jn Tylwyke at his tenement called Gilberts coming from divers parcels of land called Segg Meadow Fotes Hole and one croft late of Rich Bonds here allowed by the lord's special mandate as shown by his warrant in respect of the bailiff remaining 17d