Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr64)

michaelmas.2Edw6 (Saturday 29 September 1548)

document 45800402

sum allowed and liveries 49li8s7d1f and owed 4li6s10d to which is charged 13s4d for the farm of Chalkney Crofts in the tenure of Rich Ennowes at 13s4d per annum namely in the charge of the same this year as in the preceding and similarly a charge of 8s for the farm of a pasture called Oxley this year as in the preceding in the tenure of Barth Churche and of 3s for the farm of certain lands called Greate Rydynge 2s and Littell Rydynge 12d in the tenure of     this year by information of the accountant and the sum owed altogether 111s2d and from which is allowed to him 21s8d as an amercement unleviable of Wm Hatche imposed upon him in the court roll for this year because he left suddenly and he has no good useful chattels within this demesne that the said bailiff was unable to distrain from him and therefore by the agreement of Jn Churche the lord's overseer here it is allowed and to the same 4d as the amercement of Wm Waldegave knight for suit of court to be made at the aforesaid Colne because the said Wm claimed to have from the lord a similar allowance of suit at his manor of     and therefore by the assent of the counsel of the said Earl it is here allowed and thus owed 4li9s2d whereof