Person Index - Wm Waldgrave

Appears in the text as:
Friday 3 February 1492Wills2300493
1508Freehold Titles52301210
Wednesday 1 September 1512Wills2301340
1524Lay Subsidy: Exchequer13300030
1525Chancery Depositions14700005
Saturday 22 April 1536Colne Priory Rental43301429 43301444
Saturday 29 September 1543Colne Priory Accounts45400305 45400335
Monday 29 September 1544Colne Priory Accounts45500346
Wednesday 29 September 1546Colne Priory Accounts45600434
Thursday 29 September 1547Colne Priory Accounts45700426
Saturday 29 September 1548Colne Priory Accounts45800402 45800446
Tuesday 28 January 1550Colne Priory Rental43402489 43402524
Monday 29 September 1550Colne Priory Accounts45900384 45900433
Friday 10 May 1622Chancery Depositions16200179
Sunday 23 June 1622Chancery Decrees and Orders18500228
Wednesday 13 November 1622Chancery Depositions16100502
Saturday 18 October 1623Chancery Decrees and Orders18600005