Lay Subsidy: Exchequer (PRO E179/108/154 in ERO T/A42)

..1524 (1524)

document 13300030

Priory of Earls Colne Wm Waller gent steward of the earl of Oxford for his lands 43li Wm Walgave gent goods 40li Edw Brokisby wages 53s4d Edw Shuldham wages 53s4d Wm Huggyn goods 4li Robt Berton goods 13li Jn Lewisse goods 100s Jn Townley wages 40s Jn Westwoode goods 100s Jn Dikes wages 40s Jn Welde wages 40s Hawisse Duchman wages 40s Robt Bruster wages 40s Jn Bradbroke wages 40s Robt Willett goods 6li Geo Auncelley wages 40s Phil Brakley wages 40s Jn Lybens wages 40s Ralph Tavyner wages 26s8d Wm Selle wages 26s8d Rich Smellyng wages 26s8d Giles Somer wages 26s8d Rich Shellys wages 26s8d Jn Johnson wages 26s8d Jn Manne wages 26s8d Wm Richardson wages 26s8d Jn Sale wages 26s8d Jn Lewisse wages 26s8d Jn Estey subsidy collector lands 40s Thos Elise goods 50s Wm Woodward goods 60s Jn Sponer goods 40s Robt Dukkett wages 26s8d Robt Fynch wages 20s Thos Horseman wages 20s Robt Pullen wages 20s Jn Bett# wages 20s Jn Bean wages 20s Jn Nasshe wages 20s