Lay Subsidy: Exchequer (PRO E179/108/154 in ERO T/A42)

..1524 (1524)

document 13300005

hundred of" title="Lexden county of Essex and hundred of Witham and Winstead the indenture made 12.12.15Hen8 witnesseth that sir Thos Tayne kt Geo Wiloughby Thos Bonham Jn Smith# and Jn Saiwell commissioners in the said county of Essex by authority of the king's letters to others and them directed deputed and assigned to do and put in execution all that to the commissioners appertaineth for and by the act of one subsidy to our sovereign lord in his last parliament of the lay peoples granted and for the first payment of the said subsidy this present 15Hen8 at the receipt of the king's exchequer have according to the limits to the said commissioners assigned caused all the inhabitants of the said hundred of" title="Lexden the said hundred of Witham and the said hundred of Winstead to be rated and taxed according to the effect and tenor of the said act in manner and form as after in this present indenture is particularly expressed and the said commissioners have named and deputed Robt Cradok and Jn Codd# to be high collectors of the said first payment of the said subsidy for the said hundred of" title="Lexden and Jn Moigne and Rich Whighter for the said hundreds of Witham and Winstead in the said present 15Hen8 and the receipt to be made except such sums thereof as by some of the said inhabitants have been paid by way of anticipation to the receivers thereunto assigned in witness of all which premises aforesaid to the one part of this indenture containing in it the particular names surnames and sums as is abovesaid to be testified to the treasurer and barons of the kings said exchequer as to illegible text of the same inhabitants containing in it the whole and every sum of any of the said hundreds to be satisfied to the treasurer of the king's chamber the said commissioners have set their seals and put their hands the day and year above written