Chancery Depositions (PRO C1 393/35 Thos prior of Colne v countess of Oxford)

1525 (date approximate as no date given) (1525)

document 14700005

in most humble wise showeth unto your lordship your daily orator Thos prior of the house of our blessed lady and st John the evangelist in Earls Colne (torn) Jn Vere late earl of Oxford deceased founder of the said house while he liveth by his writing under his seal of (torn) made a lease of the manor of Sheriffs with the appurtenances (torn) unto one sir Jn Holm late prior of the said house and to the convent thereof for the time (torn) not yet complete or finished to the intent that the said prior and convent and their successors (torn) the said prior should yearly do (torn) suffer (torn) the souls of the said earl and his ancestors by reason of which lease your said orator and his (torn) have (torn) and manor with the appurtenances by the said (torn) for fifteen years or thereabouts (torn) Ann Petyghte widow producing title to the said manor hath not only obtained (torn) of the (torn) of (torn) in the kings court of chancery (torn) she (torn) to prove that the said (torn) earl had lawful title in and to the said manor to and (torn) also hath recovered 20li for her costs and charges about the same therefore so (torn) and yet nevertheless your said orator standeth (torn) bounden by recognizance to (torn) your special licence and pleasure known further in the premises (torn) charge of the said orator and so it is most gracious lord (torn) deny (torn) law should be declared remain in the hands of the executors of the said earl and the son of the said earl is within age and in the king's ward and your said orator since the time (torn) again him hath many times and often required the said executors (torn) evidences to declare the title of the said earl for the deliberation of the said (torn) howbeit that (torn) have refused by reason whereof your said orator hath not only lost the possession of the said manor but is (torn) daily personal attendance receiving of his counsel and otherwise (torn) defence of the said earl's lease and yet is not discharged or dismissed of his (torn) orator is without remedy by king's common laws and so (torn) unless your most (torn) charitable help to him be showed in this behalf it may therefore please your honour to grant your subpoena to be directed unto the right honourable Eliz countess of Oxford and Jn Lovell for Jn Vere and Robt Drury and Wm Waldgrave and Robt Lovell knight and Jn Joscelyn Jn Davet esq of Tollshunt# and Wm Oakley executors of the said earl commanding them by the same to appear before your grace in the king's court of chancery etc