Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/663/23 Ann Pettit v Thos prior of Colne)

18.6.1518 (Friday 18 June 1518)

document 14700034

before the king in his chancery by the most rev father in god Thos bishop of York and also then cardinal and chancellor of England between Thos prior of Earls Colne in Essex and executor of the last will of Jn late earl of Oxford deceased on the one part and the oratrix by name of Ann Pettit widow on the other part that asks the said prior as the said executor that he should declare and show before the king in his court before the feast of st ensuing by deed evidences or other lawful manner how they might then lawfully pretend or make lawful act of or in the manor of Shervis with the appurtenances in Colne in the said county or else that the said chancellor before the king in the court would give judgement as right and justice thereunto would require as the said deare (sic) resting of record in the court of chancery as plainly appears whereupon in the said time in the court aforesaid it was further ordained and decreed by the said chancellor that Robt Brudenett knight one of the king's justices of pleas before the king and Rich Elyce knight one of the king's justices of the common pleas should examine and see the site and act between the said parties of and in the foresaid manor by evidences and other ways covenant thereupon and the said justices by good deliberation and examination of the right and act of the parties aforesaid of and in the said manor as well of evidences and writings brought before them by the said parties and sworn as by confession of the said parties showed openly in the court of chancery concerning the manor whereupon the said parties being in the court of chancery the 12.7.10Hen8 the said orator and said defendant by right of the said parties showed by the said justices and said parties their counsel learned in the law well heard in the said matter whereupon the 8.7.1518 the said chancellor and the justices sitting it was decreed and ordained and adjudged that the said Ann should have and enjoy the said manor and appurtenances without vexation or annoyance of the said prior and his successors and of the executors aforesaid and that she is to have all the issues and profits coming of the said manor for the rest of the years before the said decree was ordained and judgement was decided and contained by reason of which said decrees the oratrix did become possessed of the manor and Thos prior of Earls Colne executor of the will of the late earl of Oxford has wrongfully disturbed the oratrix of and from possession of the manor and thereof wrongfully deforseth the said orator against the said decree and in contempt of this honourable court in consideration of premises that it may please lordship to give writ of subpoena to be directed to Thos prior of Colne as executor etc to answer before this court