Chancery Depositions (PRO C1/297/96 Cobbe and Dukett v Ryddenale)

1504-1515 (no date) (1504)

document 14600005

to the right reverend father in god Wm the archbishop of Canterbury primate and chancellor of all England showeth unto your gracious lordship your daily orators Wm Cobbe and Joan his wife Robt Dukett and Annys his wife that where they be seised in their demesne as of fee as in the right of the said Joan and Agnes their wives of and in a certain messuage and certain lands and tenements thereto lying with their appurtenances in the town of Earls Colne in the county of Essex and so being seised thereof take profits without the interruption of any person or persons possibly as reason requireth and so it is gracious lord that the evidences concerning the premises have come to the hands and possession of one Emme Ryddenale widow the content and number whereof be to your said orators not verily known nor if it remain in bag box or other thing occasion whereby your said orators might attain the same by course of the king's common laws and albeit the said Emme often hath been required the said evidences by your said orators nevertheless them to deliver she always hath refused and yet doth contrary to the order of good conscience in consideration whereof please it your grace of your charity to grant a writ of subpoena to be directed unto the said Emme commanding her to appear before the king in his court of chancery at a certain day and under a certain pain by your grace to be limited there to answer the premises and further to obey and stand such order and direction in the same as by your grace shall be thought convenient to equity and good conscience and this gracious lord at the reverence of god and in the way of charity pledged to prosecute Mich Brysse of London vintner and Gabriel Reve of the same (London) innholder

before the lord king in his chancery in the quinquidiem of michaelmas next