Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr65)

michaelmas.4Edw6 (Monday 29 September 1550)

document 45900384

sum allowed and the aforesaid liveries 65li4s7d and owed 16li19s9d1h and from which is allowed to him 10s as part of the farm of one tenement there with a garden adjoining the same called The Tylekylle with 4a of land pertaining to the same more or less above charged in a charge at 11s per annum because the lord the now Earl demised and handed over all and singular the premises to a certain Edw Watson one of the grooms of the said Earl's stables for only 12d per annum as by a warrant on this part by Jn Churche there directed above bearing the date 20.6.3Edw6 to be had at the feast of michaelmas next following as shown by the said warrant signed by the hand of the said Earl shown upon this account and in respect of himself above remaining and in an allowance to him of 41s10d as so much money paid by himself both for cutting down and making up thirty one cartloads of timber 31s at 12d for each cart load and for cutting down twenty five trees 8s4d and for making three saw pits as shown by a bill signed there by the above hand of the said Jn Churche and remaining and to the same 101s11d as so much money by himself for the sawing of timber in the park of Colne at divers separate times as shown by three bills of details thereof signed by the abovesaid hand and remaining with 4s4d for carting eight cart loads of the aforesaid timber and to him 60s10d as so much money paid by himself for mending the hedges around meadows pertaining to the lord's manor there and for scouring ditches there with divers other necessaries in extra payments and in 18s4d paid to Jn Bonde for keeping the conduit there and for 5s for his livery as shown by a bill signed by the abovesaid hand and remaining and to him 6d for the amercement imposed upon Wm Walgrave knight in a court roll for this year because the same said Wm claims to have a lawful suit from the lord Earl of Oxford as at his hand of     therefore in an allowance of the same for this year and owed 6li9s8d1h from which