Wills (PROB11/9/36 Wm Bome of Colchester 1491/2 1492)

3.2.1492 (Friday 3 February 1492)

document 2300493

in the name of god amen 3.2.1492 I Wm Bome of the parish of St Nicholas in the town of Colchester the diocese of London being of sound mind and good memory praise be to the highest knowing that after the fragile human condition death is certain but the coming of the hour is uncertain I write make ordain and set out my present testament containing my last will in this way following imprimis I bequeath and recommend my soul to almighty god my creator and saviour to the blessed virgin mary his glorious mother and to all the saints in heaven and my body to be buried in the churchyard of St Nicholas aforesaid item I bequeath to the high altar of the same church for my tithes and obligations forgotten and unpaid 6s8d item I bequeath similarly to the cathedral church of St Paul in London 12d item I bequeath the dominican brothers of Clare 10s to say one trental for my soul the souls of my parents and my benefactor and all the faithful de ad item I bequeath the dominican brothers of Colchester 10s to say one trental for my soul only and in the form aforesaid item I will that a certain priest be chosen by the priory house and church of the blessed virgin mary and st john the evangelist of Earls Colne in the county of Essex who for the time being would celebrate within the same church of the blessed virgin and st john for my soul and the souls aforesaid in this form following viz immediately after my decease for the space of a quarter of one year undertake for his salary of one quarter 30s4d and next after the decease of Margt my wife for one year to pray for my soul with the soul of my wife and the souls aforesaid item I will and especially require all and singular my cofeoffees which now are seised of and in a certain tenement with all its appurtenances in the parish of St Nicholas aforesaid that was lately purchased of Wm Walgrave esq in his demesne as of fee that one or anyone of them do make or cause to be made immediately after my decease sufficient settlement in law for the aforesaid Margt my wife of and in the tenement aforesaid to have and to hold the same tenement to her the said Margt for the term of her life of the chief lords of the fee by fine thereof due and of right accustomed immediately after the decease of the same Margt I will and give licence to my said cofeoffees to sell that tenement with the appurtenances on the behalf of my executor or his executors if it should happen that he is not then alive to the greatest perfection that is then possible and of the money then coming I bequeath to the priory house and church of the blessed mary and st john aforesaid 100s to pray for my soul and the soul of my said wife and for the souls aforesaid and all the residue of the same sale when they are allowed to receive it I bequeath to Joan and Agnes my daughters to be equally distributed and divided between them if they then be of full age and if either of them my daughters should die before the sale of the tenement aforesaid then I bequeath the portion of money of her so dying to be given to the heir or heirs of the body of her my daughter so deceased between him or them equally to be distributed and delivered and if it should happen either of my daughters should die without an heir or heirs of her body living then I will that she as god above shall ordain to have and to hold the portion of money of my aforesaid daughter and to her so deceased's sister and after the decease of her my daughter then I will that all the portions of money as are held by my aforesaid daughter then be delivered equally between the heirs of the body of my daughter so last departed and if the heir or heirs then abovewritten shall not be or be from thence I will my executor or his executors hire a certain priest to be chosen from the said priory and preferred to celebrate for my soul my said wife's and the souls aforesaid within the church aforesaid of the blessed mary and st john so long as the money aforesaid given to my aforesaid daughters be without prolonging it taking then for his salary 10marks a year item I bequeath to the parish church of St Andrew the apostle of Earls Colne aforesaid one cow worth 8s to the same intention that the wardens or keepers of the goods and chattels for the same church of St Andrew aforesaid who for the time should take the issue and profit arising from the same cow in certain years apportion for the immediate future or to keeping my anniversary in the aforesaid church of St Andrew the residue of all and singular my goods debts and chattels wheresoever and in whosoever's hands they be after my debts be paid the expenses for my decent burial only made and my legacies above mentioned fulfilled I give and bequeath my executors underwritten after making and disposing for my soul the souls of my parents and benefactors and all the faithful dead in celebrating masses by paying paupers for repairing roads and in other works of charity to the contemplation of the majesty of the lord and the salvation of my soul before the last judgement then to deliver the will of this my first testament I make and constitute Margt my wife and Rich Symson my faithful executors and all and singular in my present testament to endeavour to fulfil the same with a concern for justice and faithfully execute it in form of law and I bequeath to the aforesaid Rich Sympson for his labours in the same part 40s in witness whereof this my present will I have placed my seal in being witnesses Jn Coper pattenmaker Jn Buckenham Rich Baldewyn and others given the day and year above written