Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr60)

michaelmas.35Hen8 (Saturday 29 September 1543)

document 45400305

sums allowed and the aforesaid liveries 56li18s1d and owed 16li8s2d1h1f to which is added 6s8d for half the farm of Chalkney Crofts in the tenure of Rich Enewes at 13s4d per annum namely for half the annual payment at the term of michaelmas.35Hen8 and of 4s for half the farm of a pasture called Oxlese at 8s per annum in the tenure of Barth Church namely for half at the aforesaid term and the sum of the debts altogether 16li18s10d1h1f and from which is allowed 10d as the amount unlevied from Wm Waldegave and Jn Cressener because there is no way it can be levied and 8d as the depreciation of one house in the tenure of Jn Bounde in Colne this year and 2s for the king's fifteenth this year as in preceding years and the debt 16li15s4d1h1f from which is allowed 3s for part payment for the common fine in Balingdon because it was levied twice both within the sum of the rents of Balingdon and within the court rolls this year and of 18d in depreciation of the rent of assize in Edwardston this year as in previous years and the debt 16li10s101h1f whereof
respites from it 42s6d for the lands and tenements in Gesthorpe pertaining to master Wenteforde at 17s per annum this placed in respite both for this year and for half of the year last past until he should have better notice thereof and to the same 2s1d1h for the rent of demesne lands in Gayns Colne parcel of the manor there because it is now in the hands of the lord king by reason of the lord's attainder of Wm Hayward so that the said rent is now discharged sum respited 44s7d1h and owed 14li6s3d1f