Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr65)

michaelmas.4Edw6 (Monday 29 September 1550)

document 45900509

to the receiver sum total of the aforesaid receipts 17li4d and from which is allowed to Jn Syday of the farm of the demesne lands of Barwyke Hall with others 20s7d for certain supplementary payments had by him at the foot of his account for the last preceding year as shown there and owed 15li19s9d which they delivered to Thos Throughgood gentleman the lord's receiver there namely of the issues and revenues of their farms for this year viz on oath of the farms of Barwyke Halle 9li9s5d and on oath of the farms of lands in White Colne called Inglesthorpe 4li10s and on oath of the farms of mills there 40s4d altogether as shown upon both by divers separate bills and by their recognition of the overlordship of the said receiver upon this account of the holdings and thus equal