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Colne Priory Extracts (ERO D/DPr55)

6.6.1558 (Monday 6 June 1558)

document 47300114

and pain the bailiff to warn Nich Parker to scour 20rod of ditch under Bradfelde leading to Cokeshall Jn Pennok to scour 12rod of ditch leading to a grove of Nich Garrard belonging to Blaks Greg Garrarde to scour 14rod of ditch under his grove Jn Pennok to scour 11rod of ditch under Tredgolds Fenne against the land of Jn Parker Thos Rolte to scour 14rod of ditch under Bredgmans and Wm Smythe to scour 14rod of ditch under Newmans before michaelmas.next on pain to forfeit to the lord for every rod not scoured 1d