Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr 120)

29.9.1401 (Thursday 29 September 1401)

document 47600085

wages with stipends in the fee of Walt Botylgate esq of the lord to whom the lord by his letters patent entirely enrolled in the preceding account granted the office of park keeper and warrener of Colne taking per annum six quarts 4bush of wheat twelve quarts of oats four cart loads of hay one cart load of straw and 10s of money which was given on 8.6.1Hen4 whereof it was worth the six quarts 4bush of wheat 43s4d a quart at 6s8d in worth the twelve quarts of oats 48s a quart at 4s and the four cart loads of hay nothing by the accountant because by the farmer in the worth of one cart load of straw 12d and 10s money sum 102s4d in the fee of Thos Warde to whom the lord granted by letters patent custody of the park taking per day 2d as in the preceding account 60s8d in the stipend of Jn Tornour accountant for the year 40s item to the same for his clothing for the year because nothing taken from the lord's livery 6s8d