Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr 120)

29.9.1401 (Thursday 29 September 1401)

document 47600097

outside expenses with necessaries in the hiring of two carters of Thos Hunte carrying hay with his cart from the manor of Creppyngge as far as the park of Colne for the upkeep of the lord's young beasts there for three days in the month of january 5s in the expenses of Jn de Vere the lord's brother being here for two days for deer there taken for his household in the month of december item the carriage of the same there being killed as far as Hengham 4d item in the hiring of two men for two days for cutting wood for fires in the lord's household being here upon the feast of the purification this year 11d in the expenses of Wm Ingham steward and Jn Lyghtfoot the lord's auditor being here with the lord for going with him as far as Colchester for two days and two nights 3s10d1h in locks and crochettes bought at the same time and delivered to Roger Estone for locks for the hall and chambers upon the oath of the accountant 8d in the expenses of two men driving illegible text of the lord from Colne as far as Hengham by precept of the lord this year 4d in the hire of one man carting two deer for the lord's illegible text from Colne as far as Leyre Marney by precept of the lord 8d in the expenses of four men driving game in the lord's park on the day of st peter illegible text 12d in half a bushel of oats bought for the lord's young beasts in the park they being weak this year 3d