Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr121)

29.9.7Hen6 (Wednesday 29 September 1428)

document 47700115

respite and from which respited to him 6s8d disallowed to the park keeper of the sum of 20s claimed within for his clothing according to an agreement made with the lord Rich de Veer late earl of Oxford because recognised by the auditor until the said deed should be seen to have been made respited until the next account as the truth thereof should be seen to be written and the said deed shown and also respited to him 3s9d which the said accountant gave to the aforesaid park keeper according to him as allowed as within for a delivery of oats for provender for his horse by his deed contained at a sum of 40s whereof it should be respited in the aforesaid form and also respited to him 3s4d included above for the amercement of Jn Appilton because he made an attack on Jn Mayster and drew blood from the same said Jn against etc because nothing was had for which he was distrained within the demesne etc therefore it was to be continued in respite until the next account by the judgement of the auditor and was certified in the same said account and detained as the execution of the same said monies etc and the sum of these respites 13s9d and thus owed above 19li15d