Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr121)

29.9.7Hen6 (Wednesday 29 September 1428)

document 47700107

sum of all expenses and deliveries 21li8s6d and with debts 20li10s and from which excused 5s above levied among the farm of lands at a value 16li9s8d for one tenement and five acrewar of land sometime among the tenements of Jn Gosse the reve the last aforesaid year let to Jn Godesson who relinquished the same into the hands of the lord thus they stood empty this year as for the whole year for default of hire and no profits thereof coming for the time repairs of the same thereof should be plainly allowed out of agreement with the auditor and also excused of 10s of the aforesaid sum of 16li9s8d levied among the farms above farms of meadow out of the better judgement and consideration of the auditor for the council of Lavenham to this addition because of the deterioration from a flood of water happening this year upon the oath of the accountant and because of the aforesaid double payment etc and thus owed further 19li15s