Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr122)

29.9.1431 (Saturday 29 September 1431)

document 47800822

agistment in the park with sale of wood and of 14s as the agistment of divers beasts being in the lord's park from divers men from the feast of the discovery of the sacred cross within the time of this account until the feast of michaelmas next following above the twenty beasts of the priory and convent of Colne made as the fee of the park keeper two beasts held of Adam Crudde for keeping the hedges of the park and a fee of ten beasts for keeping the three gateways of the park this year and of 4li2s for 11a of underbrush and ash trees within the park of Colne sold to divers men this year by Jn Rampton viz to Thos Curtoys 1a 13s4d to Jn Grove 1a 6s8d to Jn Holm 1a 8s Jn Smyth 10s and Wm Baker 10s for 3a Jn Grove 2a 13s4d Robt Brunden 1a 6s8d Jn Tredegold 1a 8s and Jn Goodman 1a 7s