Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr122)

29.9.1431 (Saturday 29 September 1431)

document 47801174

respites and from which respited 21d1f levied of 4bush as the price of oats as returned sold upon the account as extra whereof they do not know the fee which ought to be taken as is said to the same said accountant upon his oath therefore upon the consideration of the lord's auditor granted in respite until enquiry made of the lord's tenants by the steward of the court being sworn upon their sworn statement whereof they should say etc and in the next account to be certified by the auditor etc and to the same for the arrears of the same for the two last preceding years 3s6d1h for each year 21d1f and also a respite to him of 4li levied among the courts above as the amercement of Jn Eyr for waste lately made by him in the lord's manor there at a time when it was farmed by the said manor because the same said Jn had left his home and should have had nothing within the lord's demesne whereof he should be respited by a precept of the lord until the next account so that at the mid term it should be possible to levy from him and also a respite of 11li levied among the courts above as the impounded cattle by licence (part missing)