Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr122)

29.9.1431 (Saturday 29 September 1431)

document 47801181

Jn Rampton for wood sold by him within the lord's park this year as within to Rich Skinner of Earls Colne and in 8li8s1h as the rents of assize the new rents and the life rents and 6li15s3d1h as the farm of demesne lands had for the term of michaelmas within the time of this account as for the half years in all rents and farms belonging to the lord as clear above the tithe 30s as the farm of Jn Turnor for Hallemede and 12s for the farm of the tenement and customs late in the tenure of Roger Eston by the same said Rich received as part of the said levies now accounted whereof the same said Rich was respited by the lord