Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr131)

3Edw6 (Monday 28 January 1549)

document 48701303

increase in rents and of 7s as the increase of a void rent contained in a rental of this manor shown in this account of 30Hen8 examined before Thos Tey esq receiver and Jn Wiseman auditor and of 11s4d as the increase in the farm of a tenement there late in the tenure of Rich Bentham being in the title of rents of assize at 2s per annum by the same rental and now of Jn Porter for 13s4d for an annuity for a void obligation for this manor for this year and two years preceding as above and of 2s as the increase in the rent of one tenement there called Charles Payne as appears in the title aforesaid at 12d per annum and then held by Jn Lawrence for 3s per annum and the increase as above and of 16s as an increase of the farm of a pasture there called Great Rye Croft late in the tenure of     at     per annum as above in an obligation owed and now let to Jn Mallerey for     per annum and these increases on the information of the bailiff shown as above