Earls Colne Accounts (ERO D/DPr131)

3Edw6 (Monday 28 January 1549)

document 48701339

fees of officials and accounted in the fee of this accountant bailiff there at 2d per day by grant of Jn earl of Oxford and his successors for the time of this account 60s8d and in the fee of Jn Kettyll park keeper there at 4d per day for his office allowed him for this time of this account 6li20d and in an annuity to Robt Wyllett at 4li per annum by the grant of the earl of Oxford for his life by letters patent dated 28.7.35Hen8 viz within the time of this account 4li and in an annuity to Edm Alablaster for 60s10d per annum by letters patent of the said earl for his lifetime granted for the custody of his holdings at Colne aforesaid shown in the allowances for this year and the preceding 60s10d