Assize Indictments (PRO ASSI35/93/1)

4.8.1652 (Wednesday 4 August 1652)

document 14100005

Rich Harlakenden saith that he coming to Robt Abbot's house about the beginning of michaelmas term 1651 as he remembereth before he did take out a writ to arrest him for his tithes he saith Robt let you and I make an end of this business without any suit in laws for that will be but money spent needlessly between us and you know my issue Wm Harlakenden the justice and yourself have spent a great deal of money about a suit that might have been very well spared he answered he might as he heard thank me for that I answered him no I had persuaded in peace as the justice could witness but through his own obstinacy the suit was on and though he had the better of it yet what did he get by it at the last for I had persuaded he spent the best part of 20li besides the incensing of some against him Robt Abbot replied yes it did cost him a great deal of money indeed and he had not that relieve he should have had or words to that purpose but he might thank a company of unjust justices for that and an unjust judge in his unrighteous proceedings but the hand of god had followed that judge since and cut him off as all might see and he believed that by this time he knew what it was to pass such unrighteous judgements or words to the same effect the I replied fie Robt you do very ill to censure and sentence the actions and persons of any dead and you especially in such a place you should do well to spare such words for there will come a day when both you and he and all men shall receive a righteous sentence of all their ways and actions here and you should have done well whatever you had thought to have passed by such thoughts and speeches until that day and time or words to the same effect