Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

19.2.1606 (Wednesday 19 February 1606)

document 33101479

at this court it is presented by the homage that Mary Mole wife of Geo Mole sister and coheir of Jn Barrett deceased after the last court and before this court died seised of half of two tenements called Higgens and Boxteds and to one croft of land called Mordens and that Roger Mole is her son and next heir and is aged 7yrs or thereabouts but because neither the said Roger nor any other as deputy for him or in his name came to make an agreement with the lord for his fine and to make service to the lord for the premises therefore at this court public proclamation was made that if anyone should have the right to the premises that he should come here into court the court sitting and make an agreement with the lord for his fine but because no one came therefore there was a precept to the bailiff of this manor to seize into the hands of the lord all and singular the premises according to the previous precept