Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

24.10.1616 (Thursday 24 October 1616)

document 33501422

and also it is shown by the homage that Barbara Newton late customary tenant of this manor who held for herself and her heirs from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord etc one cottage with a garden adjoining situated and lying upon Colneford Hill after the last court died thus seised thereof and that Francis Newton is her son and next heir of the aforesaid Barbara and should have the right to the aforesaid premises upon which the aforesaid Francis now being 15yrs old in person came to this court and humbly sought from the lord of this manor that Francis Newton his father and guardian should be admitted until he reached the full age of twenty one years and it was granted to him and upon this the aforesaid Francis the father was admitted guardian to hold from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord etc and he gave to the lord his fine and made fealty and was admitted until etc